Offline Promotion is Still Popular


For a smartphone application made by my brother and me, a promotion using Platinum party buses was done. I thought that it would be best to simply promote the game online, just like how other games are promoted in this day and age. My brother thought that online promotion would be needed, but it would also be necessary to use offline promotion. He wanted to drive around in the party bus and pass out information related to the application to get more people interested in it. Although I felt that offline promotion was an antiquated practice, my brother saw value in it because of how much more personal it was.

My brother printed out some printed material describing the application, as well as including a special coupon code that would give people some credit to get a discount on the application. He also had some items made from a promotional company to with our company logo on them. Hats, stress balls, pens, and even flashlights were made to be passed out to people on the street. His idea was to give these items to the people so they would remember the company and the application more once they got home.

In the party bus, we rode around, stopping at locations where lots of people would gather, such as the town square, near various restaurants that are busy at lunch time, and even near the local colleges. People came by the droves to get the free items and promotional material. Some people whipped their phones out right on the spot and used the coupon code to download the application. The results of the first day of promotion from using the bus were astronomical. I didn’t expect to see such a huge turnout, but my brother knew exactly what he was doing when he rented the bus.